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Heart (Morning Musume: Kusumi Koharu/Mitsui Aika)

Title: Heart
Band/Era: Current Morning Musume
Pairing/Characters: Koharu Kusumi/Mitsui Aika
Rating: G
Length: 126 words
Note: This is extremely short and badly written. I wrote it during History class while we were watching a movie some weeks ago so my professor would think I was taking notes.

“Stop! Give it back!,” Aika begged while jumping slightly, trying to reach her cellphone. “I won’t give it back until you tell me who this girl is and why she has a heart after her name!,” Kusumi responded, holding the phone farther from the other girl’s reach. “I’ve told you! She’s just a friend.” “What about the heart?” “She put the number in herself; I don’t know why she put a heart!” Having enough, Aika pounced on Kusumi causing them both to fall onto the couch behind them.

Aika grabbed the phone and shut it off, “You know I would never put a heart with anyone’s name but yours.” “Yes, I know”, Kusumi said with a smile, “But you’re so cute when you’re angry. ♥”
Tags: kusumi koharu, kusumi koharu/mitsui aika, mitsui aika, morning musume
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